Sessions for professional, therapeutic sessions of massage, yoga/meditation, stress reduction, stretching, foam rolling, and/or Pilates/core-based strengthening are all offered at the same rate.

Your session can include a combination of modalities to fit your needs.

You may also share your discount package with others, and packages/gift certificates do not expire.

And, even though I can’t believe it needs to be said, yes, these are purely therapeutic, professional sessions.


$70/1 hour

$100/1.5 hours


Save 15% off your first session:  $59.50/1 hr or $85/1.5 hr

Save 15% after you refer someone who completes their first appointment (no limit on the number of referrals):  $59.50/1 hr or $85/1.5 hr


No expiration date and feel free to gift/share these with others.

Save $30 with a 6hr package at $65/hr (discount of $5/hr), for a package total of $390

Save $90 with a 9hr package at $60/hr (discount of $10/hr), for a package total of $540


Gift certificates are the perfect gift for everyone!

Complete the form below with your contact information, and in the comments section, provide me with the name, address, phone number, and email of person you would like to send the certificate to.  I can email or mail the certificate directly, or, in the alternative, I can send the certificate to you.